Mr. Burberry


Mr by Burberry is the perfume which is intense sensual and warm The scent is masculine and keeps you fresh and energized throughout the day The smell is overpowering and can turn heads The perfume is long lasting and alluring It is perfect for men of all age groups Its enticing aroma surrounds you and adds a class and charming appeal to your personality This is a musthave perfume for even man This perfume is more suitable for evenings Top NotesThe Mr perfume opens with a strong yet classy aroma of a composition of grapefruit cardamom tarragon and mint The minty aroma refreshes you and keeps you energized all throughout the dayMiddle NotesThe heart notes consist of bewitching fragrances like lavender nutmeg and cedar These fragrances leave you and the people around you spellbound with their fantastic scentBase NotesThe Burberry For men scent concludes with a soothing and calming fragrance of patchouli vetiver benzoin cinnamon sandalwood and amber This magical and alluring scent lets you stay attractive and appealing till the dawn falls