Deep Red


Hugo Boss Deep Red is a fruity, floral, and woody aroma for young and confident women. Wear this fragrance to impress one and all. It opens up with the fruity and floral aroma due to the presence of black currant, mandarin orange, pear, clementine, and blood orange. The heart note has a refreshing feel due to the combination of tuberose, freesia, ginger, hibiscus seed, and ginger flower. This perfume settles down perfectly with the composition of sandalwood, California cedar, musk, and vanilla. Top Notes This Hugo Boss women’s perfume starts with a sweet, juicy, and fruity aroma, thanks to the presence of clementine, blood orange, pear, and mandarin orange. Black currant offers rich and fruity aroma that is exciting and tempting. Middle Notes The Hugo Boss Deep Red perfume provides a creamy and flowery aroma with the combination of tuberose and freesia. The spicy, sharp, and light flavor is added to this perfume due to the presence of ginger and ginger flower. Hibiscus adds a soft scent to keep things balanced. Base Notes This Hugo Boss Eau de Parfum provides a woody, milky, soft, and rich aroma with the perfect blend of sandalwood and California cedar. The presence of musk adds warmth, while vanilla adds refreshing sweet aroma.