Armani Sea Passion


the armani si passione perfume is developed to add a touch of confidence in young and dynamic women this bright and fresh fragrance offers an exciting aroma that lasts long it starts with the fruity notes of pear black currant grapefruit and pink pepper the heart notes of this womens fragrance consist of rose jasmine heliotrope and pineapple this armani womens perfume settles down with the notes of cedar vanilla amberwood and patchouli top notesthis armani womens fragrance offers a rosy and romantic aroma due to the presence of pink pepper the combination of grapefruit black currant and pear provides a fruity uplifting and sweet aroma to this feminine fragrancemiddle notesthe armani si passione fragrance has a floral heart the presence of rose adds romantic notes while jasmine adds sweetness furthermore the notes of heliotrope deliver a delightful aroma while pineapple provides a fruity and juicy aromabase notesthis armani eau de parfum offers a woody and earthy aroma with the combination of patchouli and cedar the presence of vanilla adds sweetness to this fragrance while amberwood provides a resinous aroma